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Real Estate Investments

We are the properties investment agent company which offer high-yielded investments into commercial real estate: the refactoring of old garages into a modern functional self storage units, production buildings, car repair units. We have been working in investments in garage area for 5 years.

Location: Moscow, Russia.

RIO and timelines

ROI for investor - 200% NET Annual income.

Typical investment unit made of a beton and it is 18 sq.m., its height is 2.2m. The total cost is 5600 USD (180.000 RUB).

Time required to refactor a unit - one month.

Time required to sell a unit - another month.

The sell price of a unit is 7800 USD.

Investor and the agent divide the surplus 50/50, e.g. they each get 1100 USD NET from a unit within two months from the moment the investment was performed.

During a year's time one investment can be turned over 6 times, so that finally investor gets 200% NET Annually.

Technically we are able to maintain up to 10 parallel investments processing at a time.



Moscow is a large developing city up to 15 mln people living/visiting it every day. The proposed investment properties are located in a luxury district of Moscow where there is a plenty of wealthy customers. They look for a good state properties of a business class to part a car, use it as self storage / small warehouse, production space (small repairs, movie production, etc). There is a lack of modern units with new floor, painted walls, powerful electricity and heating. Usually there are around 20-30 offerings of similar units of that class for sell in Moscow at a time and only 1-2 of those offerings are located in the area of the proposed investments. Current demand is 10 times higher than the average supply of such properties. That allows us to sell those units within 2-4 weeks.


Contact tel: +7 929 606 11 88 Sergey 


1) the investor buys an old capital garage at 3750 USD. 

2) the investor provides 1850 USD for refactoring (materials + work costs) to the executor

3) the agent completes refactoring within one month

4) the agent arranges marketing campaign to sell the property

5) the agent sells the property on behalf of the investor

6) the agent transfers the initial investment capital of 5600 USD + investor surplus of 1100 USD to the investor


Typical investment property


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